Logismos is a pioneer Information Systems company in Greece, incorporated in Thessaloniki, with emphasis on provision of Services. In the 70’s the first mainframe electronic computer in Northern Greece was operated in the installations of the Company’s Computer Service Bureau. At the beginning of the 80’s the Company installed the first privately owned on-line system in Greece and became the most complete private center for software & computers in the Hellenic market, supporting Banks, Organizations and large Multinational Enterprises with software produced by the company.
Today the Company produces, installs and supports a number of most modern applications, covering a wide spectrum of operational needs of modern enterprises. The company also supplies, installs and supports information technology (IT) products of all major producers.

Commitment To Success
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT)  is not something new anymore! 
It has been converted to a structural element of human activities long ago. Especially in business environment, IT tools constitute a back bone where processes and resources like management, personnel, production, policies, customers, vendors are interconnected. Everything in a nutshell! 
IT technologies are rapidly evolving. And to benefit from them, means choosing the right partner in the right time and being committed as well. Commitment of the company to support the efforts of the partner selected so that he can support and best serve the company's growing needs and objectives. 
Operating in a rapidly changing technological environment, the so-called "Information Society", Logismos continues its timeless efforts to decisively influence the introduction and absorption of Information Technology. 
Logismos, remains one of the most prominent IT industries in Greece, devoted to supporting corporations with emphasis to the industrial sector. 
This devotion along with the ability to adapt to the changing IT business environment, guaranties that its supporting services to the customers will be reliable and consistent as it has always been since its foundation.

Markos Doufos
Founder of Logismos