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ATHENA is a forerunner product that effectively serves the needs of all academic sectors, while complemented with the financial modules has the ability to support the entire business and academic structure of an academic institution.

A key feature of ATHENA is the registration and follow-up, into a single database, of all parties such as candidates, students, graduates, donors, parents, teachers, administrators, principals, etc. This ensures uniqueness and homogeneity of the information, immediate real-time reporting and efficient communication.

Business Analytics ensure a comprehensive, real-time or historic, reporting to the management, providing invaluable information on academic, financial and business issues.

ATHENA provides all functionalities pertaining to the administration of an academic institution such as the Admissions/Enrolment (either for new or existing students), the Academics (courses and timetables, grades, absences, bus routes, meetings between teachers and parents and many more), the Tuition (contracts, discounts, scholarships, payment schedules, special arrangements, etc.), the CRM (tailored to the special needs of the academia) and the Development that includes donations’ management. Each activity is complemented by a comprehensive set of reports with multiple filters in many possible formats (HTML, xls, xlsx, pdf, etc.)

Student, Parent and Teacher web portals allow for instant and user-friendly information as well as two-way interaction, giving the academic institution a modern and effective tool for all communication activities.


 ATHENA is fully integrated with Momentum, Logismos' established and successful ERP product, while it also provides a services-based API that can integrate with any third party ERP system, assuring thus compatibility and adaptability with any local financial requirements.

ATHENA also interconnects with several complementary software tools, such as Learning Management Systems (Moodle, Managebac), Timetables (ASC Timetable), Library Management Systems (Koha), State SIS (MySchool), Email providers (gmail, etc.), etc.