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Logismos CMS mobile application is a powerful tool in the hands of casino managers and hosts that provides real time gaming info, on a mobile phone or a tablet. No matter if you are in the casino or not, you can still have real time info and take decisions.

The following information objectives are achieved for hosts and management:

Logismos CMS mobile application provides to casino management personnel information about gaming floor activity and players' gaming profiles, so they can have all the information and take decisions 24 hours a day even without their physical presence in the casino.
- Players now playing at tables
- Players now playing at slots
- Real time player results and player LTD results
- Results (bet/win/loss): per area, pit, table type, table
- Top Winners / Losers
Given that most casinos operate on 24-hour basis during which fast and accurate decision making is required based on gaming activity, with CMS mobile casino management will have the ability to be informed 24-hours a day practically from any location (steady or on the move) and take the necessary decisions.

Players can be added to a campaign directly from CMS mobile and get a hotel room, get invited to an event or added to a call/email/sms list.
All transactions can be edited also directly from CRM as well.

CMS mobile gives supervisors the ability to approve and finalize reservations already created from hosts through their mobile devices.
Reservation details can be revised prior to approval or rejection.

Hosts are responsible for the players within the area of the casino. Each host knows at any moment -and while he moves in the gaming area amongst players- which player has entered the casino area and what is his gaming activity. Statistical information (rating) for past period is also provided along with numerous other real time personalized information for each player to help host-player communication. So discretely but aptly the casino's master target is achieved; namely, to offer the best possible services, increasing player's satisfaction and thus prolonging play time.
- Which customer checked in the casino
- Which customers are playing now
- Which customer plays, wins, loses above-below a certain limit
- Detailed player’s personal data
- Player(s) rating data (bet, avg bet, loss, win, drop, etc) [theoretical or actual]
- How much money player(s) played, won or lost for a given period of time
- How many loyalty points collected by player(s) for a given period of time
- How much time a player played and where (game type ie. roulette, poker, slots, etc)
- Players' Accounts balance
- To which lotteries a player participated
- Live tracking results
- Various ad-hoc reports