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The Member Management module covers the need for member entrance control (either imposed by regulatory body or desired by casino management). It allows registration of player data in an easy and quick way, issuance of member card and (if needed) tickets for entrance/activities within the casino.

The member management module covers the following functions:

a. Member Data Collection
b. Member Categorization
c. Member Check In

Player’s data gathered through the Member Management module are available and used by the other modules, such as Surveillance, Player Tracking, Cage Management so that identification of players is feasible for all transactions and other activities within the casino or venue. Player related data are also available in the Business Intelligence module for further use in business decision making. Functions supported by the Member Management module include:

• Collection of identification data (ID, passport) in electronic form and storage in the system.
• Collection of additional customer related data: contact information (telephone number, cell telephone number, email address) including additional user defined player data (preferences in games, food, sports, etc.)
• Player’s photo grabbing in electronic form and storage in the system
• Data fields may be set to mandatory or optional as required by the operator or regulatory body. Data protection is also covered.
• Parametrical way of definition of rules concerning renewal of player data (i.e. message to user to request new valid identification item within 90 days from expiration date, message to user to request new photo taking for customers every 2 years), maintaining a log file of member data modifications.
• Player classification in user defined categories (i.e. normal., honorary, VIP, gold, silver, etc.) and ability of parametrical designation of a way to encode member cards based on customer classification.
• Player assignment with member cards as the only identification means within the casino (i.e. Magnetic card, chip cards, hybrid magnetic & chip card, contactless card). Parametrical card encoding and personalization.
• Capability to designate a card PIN code, as well as the procedure to cancel or change an existing PIN code to a new one, for use with cashless module for slots.
• Parametrical definition and application of customers entrance rules (i.e. entrance is allowed only to individuals age 23 and up and only from designated countries).
• Parametrical definition of ticket types based on ticket validity (ticket valid for 24 hours), price for multiple tickets packages (5-ticket package, 10-ticket package), price for entrance tickets or combination of entrance tickets and other casino activities (ticket combo including entrance, dinner and concert).
• Capability for plain Check-In and/or Check-Out (if applicable) or Junket Check In for connecting the particular visit of the player with a specific Junket.
• Simple player related messaging mechanism (i.e. Message that he left his umbrella at his previous visit to the casino).
• Dynamic messaging mechanism based on player data and other user defined parameters (i.e. Message only to women members, age 40 to 60, from 09:00 to 14:00 informing that a e-roulette training session will take place from 15:00 to 17:00 hours).
• Powerful attendance reports for better reception staff scheduling.