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The Cage Management module covers the monitoring of all monetary (cash, chips, credit, etc.) related transactions within a gaming venue in a fully parametrical approach that allows adaptation to specific operating procedures.

The Cage Management module covers three basic functions:

a. Management of all financial transactions from all stations within the casino.
b. Classification of transactions by account (i.e. tables, slots, marketing) and sub-account (i.e. table, employee, player, etc.)
c. Auditing of financial transactions (consolidation reports, exception reports, etc.)

Data processed by the Cage Management module are available and used by other modules like Surveillance, Player Tracking, Table Management, Slot Management. Transactions data managed by the system are available to the Business Intelligence module for further use in business decision making.
More analytically, functions supported by the Cage Management module include:

• Parametrical definition of accounts, sub-accounts, and sub-account details (i.e. an account can be used to track junket operators related transactions, the user can define the specific sub-accounts allowed, that is the names of the various junket operators).
• Parametrical definition of movements (movement name, movement type: credit/debit, the account that the
movement is related to, personnel required to authenticate the movement, if it is registered by denomination or as a total value, etc.).
• Parametrical definition of monetary units used within the casino (money, chips, plaques tokens, foreign currency, etc.).
• Capability of linking specific movements to specific cash desk. That is, automated configuration of the end user interface screen according to the cash desk he is assigned.
• Flexible layout design of printed forms by movement.
• Management of chips inventory per denomination.
• Support of typical cage operations: open, handover, movements, close. Parametrical definition of cash desk
operation parameters (i.e. a cash desk is allowed or not allowed to close if it does not balance).
• Foreign currency exchange transactions management.
• Capability to manage accounts per customer with compulsory user identification (photo, passport, pin code).
• Support of Title 31 requirements related to money laundering from illegal sources, in case of transactions exceeding a certain amount (automated report generation with analysis of specific transactions, automated Surveillance notification).
• Seamless integration with slot accounting system enabling automatic generation of cage movements from slot generated events (i.e. handpay, jackpot, etc). All slot related data are automatically included in the movement (slot ID, vendor, cabinet, model, movement type, amount, etc) dramatically reducing the time required by the cashier to register the movement.
• Audit reports for comparing the results generated by the slot module through meter value collection with the results generated by the relevant cage movements.
• Audit reports of cash desk operation with audit trail by station, user, movement type, movement value.
• Capability of multi venue cage operation with central consolidation of all venues.